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1.5. GET ME

GET ME 1.5.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, soulsters and funketeers from every corner of the groove-laden universe, prepare to move and be moved as we introduce a band like no other. Coming to you straight from the heart of Helsinki, Finland, we bring you “Get Me” – the nine-piece groove machine that’s redefining the boundaries of contemporary funk and soul.

Born in the dark, rhythm-infused basements of Helsinki but destined for the grandest stages, “Get Me” is an electrifying fusion of timeless soulful melodies and exhilarating funk rhythms. Equipped with the tightest horn section in Finland, blending vintage vibes with a modern spin, they’ve crafted a sound that bridges generations and transcends labels. With their dynamic performances, they’re not just playing music, they’re starting a movement.

From the moment they step on the stage, they command your attention. When they play, they don’t just perform – they engage, they resonate, and they captivate. Their signature style – a rich tapestry of funky bass lines, sizzling horns, and soaring vocals – creates an auditory experience that reaches into your soul and triggers a foot-tapping, body-swaying, heart-stirring reaction.

So get ready to groove, get ready to sweat, and most importantly, get ready to feel. Because “Get Me” is more than a band, it’s a contagiously rhythmic journey that reminds us of the raw, transformative power of funk and soul. Prepare to be immersed in the rhythm, because once “Get Me” hits that first note, there’s no going back. Your soul has been warned!


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